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Who are we?


We are a professional supplier of Melanotan tanning peptides delivering high quality and efficient products at an exceptional service. We are aware you need a trusted supplier of Melanotan 2 and nothing less than authentic and reliable will suffice. We have taken years to perfect Secret tans and bring you the highest quality Melanotan on the market. That's why we can proudly say we are the leading supplier of Melanotan 2 worldwide. 

What is Melanotan?

Melanotan 2 (otherwise known as MT2) was first synthesised at the University of Arizona to produce more melanin and reduce the risk of skin cancer developing, due to long sun exposure. To reference wikipedia, research began in the early 1960s which showed that in rats, administration of α-MSH caused sexual arousal. Work on this continued in many labs through the 1980s when scientists at the University of Arizona began attempting to develop α-MSH and analogs as a potential sunless tanning agent. 


How MT2 works?

Melanin is a naturally producing hormone that controls the pigment in the skin. Simply, the more melanin the darker the pigment and therefore the darker colour of your skin.The peptide is designed to stimulate the body's tanning response with minimal exposure to sunlight. This can be a wonderful way for those with fair to very fair skin to get tanned without having to spend weeks in the sun and going through the burn and heal process.

By using Melanotan 2, users experience quicker tanning and faster healing to damaged skin cells than would otherwise be possible. Because of this, it is especially suited to those who's skin is pale; those who are at greatest risk of developing skin cancer.


Melanotan can also work to stimulate erections of the penis.

How are tanning injections used?

This tanning peptide is shipped by vial in a freeze dried form that is reconstituted by the user with sterile water and then injected into the skin where it's absorbed and spread throughout. We don't and have never offered to send out pre-mixed vials. Any company that sells Melanotan pre-mixed vials could in fact be selling you just water. Check out our user instruction guide for more information.


  • Minimal UV Exposure: Melanotan 2 still requires exposure to sunlight to be effective, however it requires significantly less time to develop a tan than without the peptide. Studies have shown that you only need a few hours of sun each week.

  • Flexibility: Users can take a small loading dose and continue dosing until they reach their desired pigmentation, after which time they only need to dose once every week to keep the same pigment.

  • Lasting Tan: Even if dosage is stopped entirely, a warm tan can last for months on end without exposure to the sun. By contrast, tans developed naturally fade in around a month.


Side Effects: (Some but not all people)

  • Short term Nausea for the first time injecting

  • Facial Flushes

  • Increased Libido

  • In Males in rare cases Erections (similar to Viagra)

Notes and Considerations:

Products: There are many products on the market being sold as tanning peptides; everything from nasal spray to tanning pills to sprinkle on flakes. Despite their claims of being easier to use, safer and more effective. These products are fake. The peptide is too large to pass through the sinus membrane, making it much less effective as a spray and the enzymes in your stomach would dissolve any orally taken peptides. Truly, the only real way to get the full effect from your regimen is to use tanning injections.

Melanotan is not a treatment or cure for anything. Nor should it be considered a preventative treatment for skin cancer.  Despite this tanning peptide being known to protect the skin through the natural tanning process, it is not in and itself a guaranteed full proof UV shield and SPF should still always be used. However, it is a great way for those who don't tan easily to get sun-kissed all year long with minimal exposure to the sun.

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