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What is Melanotan (MT2)?

Melanotan 2 before and after

Melanotan 2 (MT-2) has created a huge stir in the tanning world. Known for its tanning properties, Melanotan 2 has become somewhat of a phenomenon across the world over the years.

Whether you need a tan for an upcoming bodybuilding show, sporting competition or you just want that bronzed look, you should consider using Melanotan. Learn more about the benefits this product has to offer and then you can decide if you should give it a try.

How it works

This substance is designed to help stimulate the body’s responses to the sun without exposing the body to long hours of harmful UV rays. This is good for people that have a flight complexion and burn quite easily. They do not have to spend hours in the sun or risk burning and they will not have to go through the healing process either. Users of MT2 have experienced the tanning of the skin at a quicker pace without having to damage their skin cells. Theoretically speaking, this will greatly reduce the risk a person has for developing skin cancer, although it cannot be marketed as a skin cancer prevention for obvious reasons.

How it's used

This product contains peptides what are in the form of a dried power. The power is put into water and once it re-hydrates it is injected into the skin. The injection should be under the skin so it can be absorbed quickly. This will allow it to spread throughout the body for an even tan.

Everyone wants the tanned look. There is now a way a person can get tanned without spending hours in the sun. The MT2 formula will help a person get the tanned look they have always wanted.

Minimal Exposure To UV

The main benefit of Melanotan is you don't need a lot of exposure to sunlight. Sure, you still have to have some exposure to the sun's UV rays, but not as much as you would if you weren't using Melanotan. The peptide will cut down the amount of time you have to spend in the sun in order to get a tan.


The peptide is flexible in terms of doses. For example, you can continue using specific amounts of it in order to reach your desired skin-tone or you can just take a tiny loading dose. Eventually, you will get to the point when you only have to take a small dose once a week in order to maintain your skin-tone. As for how fast it works, this depends on a number of factors. Generally speaking, if you follow the directions on Melanotan, then you should see results within a short period of time.

Long Lasting Tan

The results you can achieve with Melanotan 2 are long lasting. You can stop using the product for months and your tan will still last. Sure, it may fade a bit, but you will still have color. This is even the case if you avoid sun exposure.

Results may vary from user to user. This is why it's best to try Melanotan for yourself, as this will allow you to find out whether or not it works as well as it claims.

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